Pearl Market

The Pearl Market is a 4 storey building flea market that happens to have one total floor dedicated to just pearls. The probably the size of Stuttafords in town. I just went to have a look because that is supposed to be THE place to shop for the things that us souties like (electronics, clothes, etc). It was utterly exhausting and I left after 15 minutes. Every stall owner harrasses you as you pass to “look-see-buy” so you try and avoid eye contact and just walk on by. But the whole point of going there is to window shop so you do end up looking -and then they’ve got you! Then if you see something interesting and are curious about the price then oh hell, they just pound you. Some peope get a thrill out of it, I didn’t. So I can’t even say if their prices were competitive or not.

I can tell you that for most things China is the same or more expensive than South Africa. The cheap cinese goods that we get in SA are made in bulk and channelled to the big buyers. The little guy in China.seldom gets a sniff. Apparently if you want to get cheap then go to Hong Kong because they’re in on the action.

Now it may be that the locals get lower prices than the westerners but Nancy said no, they pay the same prices. I know that meat is really scarce and beef even more so. The Chinese.dream of having steak (and so do I – please give me astral braai on Friday). Beef is generally no on the menu I’m restaurants. Its really only just pork and chicken. If you order pork the best you’ll get is thinly sliced like bacon. I realise now that the pork cubes that Nancy ordered for me must have cost a whack.

Oh, did I tell you that their food is rather grim?

On the way back from the Pearl Market I saw this building. Jaw dropping (only an engineer could say that.about a building). Do you guys recognise it? It’s a world icon -the CCTV building. It’s not only an engineering feat, it’s flipping huge, taking up an entire city block.


Off to 798 art zone this afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Pearl Market

  1. Amen to that, I am on airport collection duty. Weather, rather wet and windy, but when is that an excuse to not have a bit of beef, etc on the coals.

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