Olympic complex

The Olympic complex is so big that it has 3 subway stops along its length. It has a central walkway which is 120m wide and 2,5 km long. It comprises ad-hoc seats, little parks here and there, trees. On the right is the athletics stadium (birds nest) and on the left is the swimming stadium (cube) and indoor arena. There is a waterway on the right which goes all the way to the end where it becomes a lake in a forested area. All of the sports, except for the marathon and road cycling, took place within this complex. The non-sporting areas (lots of it) where just to accommodate the crowds and to chill out. There is a purpose built shopping centre inside the grounds, restaurants, etc, which are now barely used, it seems.


It is a little frayed around the edges but is still a flipping lekker place to hang out.

I walked the length and breadth – took me about 4 hours, and then left when it got dark so I saw the stadii all lit up.



One really cool thing they did was to engrave all the winners details on a long granite wall. I checked – Lance Armstrong wasn’t on the wall or else they would have a problem.


Oh, and the sun finally came out. Welcome back, my friend.


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