Subway hopping day

Get on the subway and head for the coolest looking name. Get off and see what’s there.


Here’s the bike for the man who has everything (Pete) – a BMW urban cruiser. But here’s the thing – if you can afford to buy it, would you be riding it in the streets of Beijing?


This is a candy animal. The person poured hot candy out on a plastic board in the shape of the animal and waited for it to cool a bit and then inserted a straw and blew it up. Amazing to watch and he was so quick about it.


Then came across a silk shop where they had a display showing how they get the silk. First the silk worms (I think everyone knows that part) and then they drown them in water and spin the threads while it is still in the water (if you look really closely you just might see the 4 threads coming out the bath).



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