How Chinese people use cellphones and computers

You can’t convert an English alphabet keyboard directly into Chinese writing, so how do the Chinese people write cellphone and computer instructions using a QWERTY keyboard? Well up until a few years back they couldn’t and they have simple Chinese keyboards. Keep in mind that they have (in general) one symbol per word so to make a full Chinese keyboard you would have to have tens of thousands of keys. Not going to work. So the first Chinese keyboards gave limited functionality.

Then some bright guy wrote a program that you could use on a QWERTY keyboard that would convert from English letters to Chinese symbols. The first thing they have to learn is the phonetics of the QWERTY keyboard (the letter q makes a sound like kee-yoo). If they have a Chinese word that sounds like “fung” then they type in f-u-n-g and they get a list of  th


2 thoughts on “How Chinese people use cellphones and computers

    • Another thing I learnt this morning – the Chinese now read and write exactly the same as us – top left to bottom right in rows. This changed about 100 years ago where before they wrote in columns from the right to the left.

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