My blood boils

I was in two minds about posting this picture. I’ve been hanging on to it for a few days. I’ve never been an avid anti-fur person and that’s probably because I’ve never really thought about it or been exposed to it, but when I saw this in front of me at a stall in Xi’an it made my blood boil. Rare mountain wolf fleeced on display. You make up your own mind.

And then there is the pet issue. Chinese people do keep pets (cats and dogs) and it is likely that most of them treat their pets as well as we do. Perhaps better, who knows? I’ve spoken to a few Chinese people who own pets and they do indeed regard them as part of the family.

Now before I pass any judgement, we’ve all heard of and likely seen cases of cruelty to animals in our own back yards. I’ve seen it a few times now in the China cities where dogs and cats have been tied to a tree outside a shop with a piece of twine. I know nothing more than that.


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