Terracotta warriors – archeological diggings

Like I said in my previous posting, the curators of the site got it just right because they have every step on display. Below are photos of the archeologists doing their thing which is really cool.






As they’ve recovered the site they found that mostly all of the warriors and horses had been smashed up, possibly by an opponent to the king after his death who feared him coming back to life, and they are recreating the soldiers ans horses as they go along. The archeologists carefully collect and collate all the pieces and then stick them together with clay from the area (they were originally built using clay from this area).

Sylvia, do you remember that terracotta lamp base that they boys broke in the Kruger Park and I repaired? Similar process. I guess I would be good at putting together the terracotta warriors.

When they were built they were all painted to resemble lifelike characters but when they are unearthed the paint peaks off withing minutes and that’s why they look like just raw terracotta. They do have some preserved with paint on that aren’t on view to the public.

Another thing they’ve uncovered on the site is a stone armour factory. They made the ornamental armour using stone blocks threaded together. The war armour was the same but with metal.



One thought on “Terracotta warriors – archeological diggings

  1. I would have love to have been there with you…how awesome is man and his creativity. Maybe your rebuilding the lamp in Kruger was part of your journey there to truly understand what is being accomplished…thank you for being a fixer…we love you madly

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