Great wall of China

Off to the great wall today. To get there I had to take a subway to the main train station then get a ticket for a train to the wall which is a one hour train ride. So once again the language issue in finding the right ticket office and buying the ticket, but this time I got clever and had downloaded a picture of the wall. Walk up to the counter and flash the photo and hope to help they don’t sell me a ticket to Mongolia. This helped a lot but there were still a few false starts. Some Brazillians adopted me (he is working in China so has a bit of knowledge) and they guided me in the right direction.


We had to wait in line for 2 hours to board. It’s a Saturday I guess and the whole of Beijing goes to the wall on Saturdays.

(I’m writing this end bit after returning from the wall).

Jeez Louise, just come back from the wall and I’m still having nightmares about the crowds. The train, the village, the wall were all just a heaving mass of bodies. Everywhere we went was a queue or a squash, and on a few occasions trying to get a hundred people through a narrow corridor just does not work, people!

So besides my moan, the wall was astounding. We only went onto a small section and if it was only that then I would be impressed.  But the wall carries on for thousands of kilometres. Mind blowing. Won’t forget the experience.

Spent the whole afternoon tagging along new Brazilian buddies – helped a lot because we could take pictures of each other posing.

Back now in the hotel writing this up and am exhausted. It was a long and hard day. Still got jetlag – fell asleep at 8pm and sat bolt upright at midnight like a bell went off and now its 2am and I am as bright as a daisy.  Gonna feel shifty tomorrow (today).

Leaving Beijing this afternoon- catching a high-speed train to Xi’an – 900km in 6 hours!  Off to see the terracotta warriors.


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