On the plane

Business class. The seats are really great.  They are electronically controlled and you have a button pad where you can go up, down, this way, that way, in, out. Like an S Class Mercedes but I can’t be sure because I don’t have one of those.


You push one button and it morphs into a totally flat bed. It is 100% better than sitting in peasant class but still feels like a seat folded flat – you can feel the folds and it’s not like the palace bed we have at home. Still….

The bed is exactly 6′ long and I am 6′ 3″ so I woke up with curly toes.

It’s now 9am South African time but I’ve already set my watch to China time (3pm) which is supposed to help with jet lag, and I only slept for 3 hours, so I am now more or less on China schedule if I can stay awake until dark. Some of the people around me are still sleeping so they will probably get a jet lag shock I think.

They served a meal straight after takeoff and then another after 7 hours into the flight. So try and work that out. Breakfast? Dinner? They have also closed all the shades so the cabin has been in darkness the whole time and it is just a wierd feeling that you are in a time cuccoon – eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired, watch a movie when you’re bored. I once read a science fiction story by Ira Levin where it had the future population all living like this in limbo. Ah, enough of that – bring on the roast rat.

So I think I’ve solved the knife mystery. You know how they will confiscate a nail clipper if you try bringing it on the plane, but then give you metal knives and forks to eat with? Well the knife they give you has a rounded tip like a butter knife so the most you can use it for is to scrape someone to death. Definitely not as dangerous as a nail flipper (fly me to Moscow or I will clip you to death).

I’m also wondering about this route. There are 42 seats in biz class and 8 passengers. It makes it glorious for the passengers but surely this can’t be a profitable route for SAA? Economy class also looks about half full. I know that the ticket prices are about half the cost of an US ticket, which is about the same distance, so they are either under pressure from being a BRICS member and have to provide this route, or they are looking way into the future. Regardless, flying in an half empty cabin is great.

Oh, if you’re wandering how I got into biz class – I had airmiles that were due to expire and it was 98000 airmiles for peasant class and 128000 for swish class which is really a no brainer. Why China? It’s pretty much the cheapest destination on offer and who else do you know that just pops off to China on a whim? Also, I’m really looking forward to that first taste of crispy fried rat.


4 thoughts on “On the plane

  1. great to see how you were gifted with space before the masses become part of your new experience…love you madly

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