Beijing South Station

Time for chow – beef and eggplant noodles and shredded kelp.


The noodles were my breakfast – the bowl was huge so it became my lunch as well. The seaweed was pretty good and I wonder why we don’t eat it back home? I’m learning quickly that they put some serious heat into their foods – whole chillies.

I went to the station to get a ticket to the great wall but failed because they needed my passport. So that blew my day at the great wall – will have to do it tomorrow.

Communication is a big hindrance. Only educated people seem to speak English but you don’t rub sides with them. So it took me about an hour to get a subway ticket – had keep on asking the people coming through to the ticket booth if they spoke English and if they could translate for me. Hugely frustrating.

Public transport is cheap – 2 RMB for a subway trip – to anywhere in the city (which could be 50km). The subway really is the only way to travel because everything is automated and you have a very clear map. If you take a bus you have to ask for assistance to know where to go – a non starter.


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