Beijing airport

This place  is velly huge. The main international arrivals hall is easily 5-10 times bigger in volume compared to the Cape Town airport  departure hall. I didn’t want to take photos because I was initially a bit apprehensive about what you can or can’t do, but that was totally unfounded and I will post photos when I depart. There are 3 terminals and we arrived in one and you have to board a light rail through to the baggage collection terminal. See photo of baggage terminal


Everything is of super high quality and sooooo clean. Who would have guessed.

Another pleasant surprise was the immigration and customs – both super slick and very polite. Sylvia and Maryann, you know what it is like in Saudi and Turkey immigrations? Very rude and intimidating? Well Beijing was just peachy. 30 seconds in a queue and through.

Maybe I am a little disappointed at it being so easy so far – its so much fun to dig yourself out of a hole!

The airport was definitely built to accommodate the Olympics. It’s just so big and well coordinated that I can see them  getting through 50000 people an hour in this place.


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