Getting ready to go

Flights all arranged. Got my visa today. Hotel booked for arrival in Beijing. Only thing left to do is get some chinese moola.


My flight details:

  • depart Cpt Wed 15 May @ 19h50 (1 stop Jnb) arrive Beijing Thu 16 May @ 20h50 (local time).
  • depart Beijing Thu 30 May @ 23h30 (1 stop Jnb) arrive Cpt Fri 31 May @ 14h10 (local time).


My initial itinerary is:

  • 16 May – arrive Beijing [sleep Beijing – Citytel Hotel]
  • 17 May – Great Wall [sleep Beijing – Citytel Hotel]

(there is a Great Wall Marathon Race on 18 May which I need to avoid)

  • 18 May – Forbidden Palace [sleep Beijing – Citytel Hotel]
  • 19 May – cruise Beijing. Catch train to Xi’an [sleep on train]
  • 20 May – arrive Xi’an. Terracotta warriors [sleep Xian – Vienna Hotel Xi’an Railway Station]

(got a hotel close to the railway station so I can walk there when I arrive)

  • 21 May – cruise Xi’an. Catch train to Chengdu [sleep on train]
  • 22 May – arrive Chengdu. Cruise Chengdu [sleep Chengdu]
  • 23 May – visit signage supplier’s factory [sleep Chengdu]
  • 24 May – 29 May – travel into rural China westwards of Chengdu, hopefully get to Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan Province or Dragon’s Back in Longsheng District.
  • 30 May – fly back to Beijing. Try not to miss my flight back to Cpt.


Beijing-Xi’an=1216km. Xi’an-Chengdu=842km. Chengdu-western border=3000km (lots to explore).



4 thoughts on “Getting ready to go

  1. Whoopa, you enjoy and upload lots of stories and pictures, so that we can enjoy the trip with you. Safe journey and ENJOY. Ed & Andre

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